Do You dare to go VIP – Here’s the Inside Angle

We’ve been getting our friends to try the world of mobile slot games, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly supportive. Then a new friend came in and said, “Dazzle Me!”, and that meant that we had to come up with something new. Her name is Meg and she made it clear that she is used to being rewarded for her fine taste and good sensibilities.

See, Meg is used to rewards programs in regular time, so we looked around the site and tried to see what we could point her to. Right at the top is the VIP program, and we’re happy to recommend it. If you decide to become a regular, the site is going to recognize you through a great VIP  points program. You can collect bonuses, points, gifts, and the casino’s sincere appreciation. After all, competition is fierce online and every casino knows that they have to “level up” if they want to keep bringing new people to check them out.

We let Meg check the site out, and she was impressed that there were multiple levels to the program. You start out as a Bronze level member, and you can work your way up to being a Diamond level member. Even at the bronze level, you have some things to look forward to. You can convert your points to cash, you can join the VIP rooms, and there’s a monthly newsletter to keep you apprised of certain events.

The benefits top out at the Diamond level, which are just incredible. You have to get over 10,000 points, but if you do…man, this level is just awesome. Meg looked it over and was surprised at how deeply the casino makes you feel special. You get discounts on bets, top notch customer support, a special birthday present, a personal account manager, an anniversary bonus and plenty of other surprise gifts!

Meg seemed satisfied enough to sign up and start playing. Knowing her preferences as much as we do now, it’s no secret that she’s working fast to become a Diamond level member. Why not check it out with her? You never know how fast you can rise up until you sign up!

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What to look for in a Mobile Casino

If you have not played a mobile casino game or have only experienced a few, then it is worth knowing what features to look out for. There are many different aspects of the games that you may like and dislike. This will not only influence which games site you choose from but it will also influence which specific game you choose on that site.


It is worth thinking about how much you are willing to spend on a mobile casino game. Some will take varied bets from low to high amounts, but some will not. You need to find a game which suits your budget. Consider how much you would like to pay out per game and then see what sites have games available for that money.

Ease of Use

It is good to play games that are simple to use. Some have complicated rules or the websites are difficult to navigate. Check this out before you pay out any money so that you can choose properly as to which games you feel would be best for you. Some people find certain sites easier or harder than others, so this will be a personal thing, so rather than relying on reviews, you will need to try them out.

Chance of Winning

Some people like to win a lot. Some people do not mind how often they win. You need to decide what sort of person you are, as to whether you would rather win lots of smaller prizes or less often but bigger. This will effect which of the sites you choose to play.

Prize Values

It is also wise to think about what sort of prize money you are looking for. Some people like big jackpots and do not mind a lower chance of winning them. However others prefer to win more often but do not mind getting smaller amounts. The ratio of how much you bet to how much you win will also change between sites and games on those istes, so you may like to research this before you play.


To some people the graphics are really important. There is now a range of HD casino games which look far better than alternatives. However, being a casino game you may not be too concerned as to the quality of the graphics. You may want them to be full of fun though and this is something that you should be able to check out when you visit the sites.


Some games come with music and sounds and others do not. You may not enjoy these anyway and mute them but you may feel that they are a big part of the game. If you think sound is important then look a reviews of the games to see what others think of it and that will give you an idea as to whether you will enjoy them as well.


Casino games often have a specific theme. This may enhance your playing experience and so it is worth learning more about them. You may find that there are specific themes that catch your eye or that you would like to play and so this could be an influence on which specific game you choose.

Can You handle this wildly popular game of chance

Would you like a chance to ride with the devil? If we asked each other that today, it would be considered a joke and nothing more. But would you believe almost 300 years ago, people associated the act of gambling with truly riding hand in hand with the devil? This is what led to roulette being regarded as both alluring…and dangerous. Now, you don’t have to be French to play roulette. Our German friends are happy to roulett spielen online ohne anmeldung, or play roulette without registering for the rest of us.

play roulette

Registering for things online can be such a drag. You get all excited about playing a game, only to find that you have to fill out a long form to get in on the action. Collecting information online isn’t new, of course. And that’s not to say that casinos that want this information are out to get you. Many of these casinos have fun prizes that they can send you if you win, just because you signed up. But if you’re just testing the waters, you probably don’t want to jump into serious too quickly.

It’s best to make sure that you’re thinking carefully about the games you play. Roulette has a rich history of being a game for royalty and the elite; now anyone can play if they’re willing to step up and try it out.

Let’s talk about how it works: all you have to do is make your wager and then spin the wheel. The digital age has changed the roulette game just a little bit, because you don’t have to try to spin a physical wheel. Did you know that the early wheels of roulette were super heavy, sometimes requiring a cane or a servant to help you spin? Well, hiring full time help to follow you around would be a bit expensive, which is where the computer comes in. You get to have things on your terms, which is the best part.

Why do players still play this game, after all this time? There’s a chance to win serious amounts of money, which is absolutely thrilling. But let’s say that most players online don’t want to play for real money. Is roulette still going to be suitable for your entertainment? Absolutely! The rush of seeing that you could have won something is just as awesome as winning the money. Well, almost. 🙂 But if you’re trying to just pass through the weekend without being super bored, this is definitely where you want to explore. Good luck!

What Would Winning a Jackpot Feel Like

We’re going to go ahead and ask a pretty tough question: what would winning a jackpot feel like? Before you stop and think about the taxman or the accountant or other people that are going to need your time and attention, think about what you honestly would spend the money on. You could go a lot of different directions. But while we’re talking about what a jackpot would feel like, we probably should mention where we think you should play next: Casino-X has plenty of different jackpots for you to check into, but you won’t win anything if you don’t take action.


See, a lot of people dream about winning a big jackpot, but they avoid doing the very things that would obviously lead them closer to their goal. You have to start thinking about where you want to play and what you wish to play. For example, are you intrigued by progressive slots? A lot of people like them because the prize gets bigger the longer people go without winning it. These slots are also pretty tough to win, because you usually have to line up the most valuable symbol and play on maximum bet. Not all progressives are set up that way, but that tends to be the way they are most of the time.

A big jackpot could make a huge difference in your life, we can definitely agree on that. But the truth is that there is a lot to be said about just having a good time. After all, there are no guarantees that you’ll win the big jackpot. Yet if you never try, you aren’t guaranteed to win that way either.

We like progressive slots and other jackpot games because the thrill of winning is just amazing. While we take a realistic view to winning the jackpot, since there are so many other people that also want to win it, we still like to dream a bit as well. What would it be like if you knew that you didn’t have to work for a while? Would you chase your dream job? Go the other direction and look into charity options?

There are so many dreams that can come to life if you win the jackpot, but we suggest worrying more about winning the big prize first. Playing at Casino-X can help you turn those jackpot dreams into jackpot reality, but you still have to go there first. Have fun!

Roulette: You’ve got to spin it to win it

It’s one of the most popular casino games out there but when it comes to playing, the general gambler seems to throw their bets down at random. Roulette has been played on tables across the world since it was first devised in 18th century France and, although there have been modifications to it over time, the game has pretty much remained the same ever since. And, although on the outside it looks like a game of pure chance, over 300 years of play don’t go by without tips and tactics being formulated by players.

Some of you will already know, but for the benefit of those who don’t, there are two different traditional forms of roulette: American and European. The only difference between the two is that the US version has an extra zero on the table. This doesn’t improve your odds at all, as it simply adds another slot into the mix, which is why the European version has become the more popular game of the two on a global scale. Most online casinos generally offer European roulette as it’s the form most players are comfortable with.

You’ll find lots of useful online guides covering all sorts of strategies and bets that are supposed to increase your chances of winning. Many of them are worth a read, but let’s stick here to the range of common inside and outside bets you can place and the mathematical odds of you landing a return from each.

Oh, and just for reference, ‘inside bets’ cover a large range of numbers, offering a higher probability of returns for the player, whereas ‘outside bets’ cover a smaller range of numbers, reducing your odds but increasing the payout if your number(s) come in.

By: Håkan Dahlström
By: Håkan Dahlström

Inside bets

Straight Up

Single bets placed on any number from 0-36. Of course, you can bet on more than one number if you wish, and all winning bets are paid at 35/1.


This type of bet is placed on the line between two numbers that neighbour each other on the table (five and eight, for example). You more than halve your odds – relative to a straight up bet – with this selection, but will win if either number comes in, with odds of 17/1. Continue reading “Roulette: You’ve got to spin it to win it”