The Powerball: Study the Facts before You Ante-Up

For bettors outside of the US, the Powerball Lottery used to be a mythical beast glinting in the distance like a mirage. Everyone knew it was there and how valuable it could be, but only those in a certain region could touch it. Indeed, anyone that wasn’t able to pop into a 7/11 store or some other official US retailer was out of luck when it came to playing for some of the largest lottery jackpots in the world.

Fortunately, however, things have changed and in the last five years the advent of online lottery sites has made it possible for anyone of legal age (and with an Internet connection) to play the US Powerball. In fact, when you go online today you’ll not only be able to play the Powerball, but you’ll have the opportunity to learn all about it.


Using Online Lottery Sites for Powerball Play

Thanks to the rise in popularity of lottery websites, you can now navigate to a platform like The Top Lotto and get the complete lowdown on the US draw before you use the one click option to play Powerball online.

Powerball numbers

Acting in much the same way as comparison engines in the financial and automotive industry (think sites such as Go Compare), lottery comparison websites allow you to review, compare and contrast a plethora of lottery data.

For example, if you wanted to play Powerball online but wanted a little information on the set-up before you do, Top Lotto will give you the lowdown on everything from the biggest jackpots ($1.586 billion), the rules of engagement (you have to choose six numbers at a cost of $2) and the overall appeal of the lottery.

Having access to this information is great for the savvy bettor because it can make the difference between a +EV proposition and one you should consider leaving alone. Indeed, just because a game is appealing on the surface, it doesn’t mean it’s right for your particular circumstances (i.e. the cost per line could be beyond your bankroll’s limits).

Powerball Facts and Figures

Naturally, the US Powerball is one of the leading lotteries for most players, so to add to the slew of information you can find inside these comparison sites, we’ve compiled the top three facts about the lottery so you can see why it’s the top draw in the betting world.

Better Odds than Roulette

If you run the numbers for the Powerball, you actually find that the overall odds of winning a prize on the Powerball are 1/31.85. In contrast, the odds of hitting a single number in a game or roulette are 1/36 (or 1/37 depending on the variant you’re playing).

Of course, when you play the Powerball you’re probably hoping for a six or seven-figure prize (which has odds well over 5 million to 1), but the reality is that when you combine all the odds of winning you’ll have a 1 in 31 chance of seeing a return on your money.

It’s +EV

In line with the above point, the expected value (EV) calculations for the Powerball actually produce a positive result. While we won’t drill down into the mathematics right now, the end result when you compare prize money, gains vs. loss, odds and probability is that the Powerball has an EV of $1.78.

This means that, in theory, you stand to win $1.78 for every Powerball ticket you purchase. Of course, that doesn’t mean this will happen every time and it’s important to note this number is positive because of the huge jackpots, but what it does suggest is that the numbers are on your side when you play.

Multiple Tickets Mean More Ways to Win

The final positive point we can make about the Powerball is that the rules of the game allow you to purchase more than one ticket. While this won’t necessarily improve your EV, it will improve your odds of hitting a winner as you’ll essentially have more bites of the proverbial cherry.

However, a note of caution when pondering this fact, it’s important to consider your bankroll each time you ante-up. A single ticket costs $2 and if your lottery bankroll is only $100 then you shouldn’t be purchasing 30 tickets ($60) for per session. Buying more tickets is great, but only if it fits with your bankroll’s limits.

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If you can stick to your limits and embrace the numbers, the Powerball really is one of the juiciest lotteries in the world.

49’s 6 Ball Lotto – Rules of the Game

If you enjoy playing the lottery, consider the 49’s 6 ball lotto. Even though this is primarily a game of “chance,” the standard 6 ball option is the game of choice. Millions of gamblers around the world are drawn into this game due to a two-a-day drawing and great odds for a lotto game.

However, before you jump into 49’s 6 ball or 7 ball lotto, it’s important to understand the rules. For example purposes, the 6 ball standard lotto will be discussed here today.

49's 6 Ball Lotto

#1 Pick Your Winning Numbers

Your goal is to choose five balls from a field of 49 numbers. Once all five balls are chosen, the player can simply wait for each drawing to take place. The first drawing will occur near lunchtime, while the second drawing is closer to teatime. This allows you to literally play 730 times (if only once per drawing) a year, even though most people play multiple times. In addition, players wanting to increase their chances of winning can also choose to pick a sixth ball, or even a seventh ball.

#2 Game Strategies

There are a variety of ways to choose your 5, 6, or 7 numbers. Some people use their birthdays, others use their wedding anniversary, or even when they graduated from school. Then there are those that leave it up to fate and choose the automatic pick option (these are named differently on each site).

You can also find various lists offering monthly results for certain numbers. Individuals taking this approach are taking lotto strategy to a whole new level. Some even claim to have specific formulas they use to win money every single month. Whatever the case may be, you too can be a winner at 49s 6 ball lotto, no matter how you decide to play the game. In fact, if you’ve already put in for a drawing today, you can check the 49 results now.

#3 Have Fun and Gamble Responsibly

Now that you have a better understanding of 49s 6 ball lotto, it’s only a matter of time before the next drawing takes place. Have fun trying out different strategies and ball combinations, but make sure you gamble responsibly. In the end, if you can’t afford to lose; don’t play. Good luck! We hope you hit big!

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UK National Lottery History

The National Lottery implementation was a Parliamentary decision to raise funds for social causes in areas of charities, sports, arts and heritage. About eleven bodies were selected to be responsible for granting funds for good causes. Northern Ireland, the Heritage Lottery Fund and several other distinguished bodies comprise of this association.

The UK lottery was established way back in 1993 on 21st October by an Act constituted by Parliament. Camelot Group plc was chosen as the operations provider a year later on 25th May. It certainly proved out to be a close bidding. This key decision was taken by the director general of OFLOT. Nov 19th 1994 will be remembered for a very long time as the on-line tickets of National Lottery made huge sales at 10,000 retail outlets – Indeed the world’s largest on-line lottery commencement. National Lottery Instants became the UK’s largest brand as soon as it was launched on 21st March 1995. Government of UK eventually decided on 26th September 1995 to raise approximately 1 billion pounds for good social causes.

UK National Lottery

The first rollover was huge in terms of the money it made which constituted up to 42 million pounds and achieved a sales turnover of 127.8 million pounds. Hard to digest, isn’t it? Online presence was much needed for the campaign to reach out to the mass. 17th March 1996 was the date when it turned into a reality. Randomly generated numbers for the online gaming began and people got excited even further. This helped the sales to grow and reached up to 33 million pounds by 5th February 1997.

Constant growth of wealth prompted Camelot to revise its budget for good causes from 9 billion to 10 billion pounds by September, 2001 which primarily attributed to the National Lottery’s growth in terms of success, popularity and wealth creation. The success story doesn’t end here. About 500 millionaires emerged by Febraury 1998, thanks to the UK lottery gaming.

This helped for the funds to be raised, up to 5 billion pounds, for social causes by April 1998. Success demands enhancement and it soon influenced Camelot as well. They launched the Thunderboll game on 7th June 1999. The idea of launching UK lottery proved to be a winner as it raised money for the government to uplift backward society and give them a reason to smile.

People came forward as well because it gave them enjoyment, wealth as well as satisfaction to contribute towards good causes. The funds kept increasing time to time and it really made a huge difference to the government as it received appreciation from all the corners. This certainly has to go down as one of the most calculated and wise decisions in history of UK. Public scrutiny was that the money could easily be misused. Continue reading “UK National Lottery History”

3 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Check out Lottery Games

Playing the lottery is usually the first form of gambling someone experiences. They go down to the convenience store, pick a few numbers, jot them down on a card and then see if they won anything about a week later. If they won something, then they dream about what they’re going to do with the money. A lucky few will actually become big jackpot lottery winners. Of course, the money isn’t just tax free all the time. In the United States, the lottery game is taxed in every direction. People are playing the lottery with post-tax dollars, and if they win anything they will be taxed again. But before you pout, just think about the big winnings that are available to you.

You get to have a shot at winning millions of dollars, euros, or pounds. There are lotteries in many different countries, including Spain, Germany, France, the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand and more. The progressive jackpots are what will really get you interested in playing the lottery but if you’re on the fence, it’s a good time to see exactly why now is the time to check out lottery games again.

1. The Selection

You have some options with the lottery. You can either pick your numbers, or have the machine give you randomly selected numbers. If you go with the machine’s choices, you don’t have to think about any numbers. But that takes some of the fun out of it! If you have the choice of selecting your own numbers, try to select numbers that mean something to you. The birthdays of your kids, or your anniversary date are all great numbers. Of course, you’ll have to play within the number range of the lottery, but that still gives you tons of numbers to choose from.

Lottery Games

2. The Format

You can pick three numbers, five numbers, seven numbers, or anything in between these choices. Lotteries around the world work a little differently, but they all come down to the same thing in the long run: winning numbers coming up, and you checking to see if you’re a winner. Sometimes the anticipation of finding out if you’ve won anything is almost better than the actual win. The rush of winning is why people love lotteries, and it doesn’t take much time out of your day. Speaking of time… Continue reading “3 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Check out Lottery Games”

Go Big With Euromillions!

Have you played Euromillions yet? It’s the big lottery that’s so huge it covers multiple countries. This means that even if you and a friend are in two different European countries, you guys can both try to catch the big jackpot together! Euromillions isn’t a new game at all, in case you’re curious. The Euromillions tradition actually started in 2004. At first, it was just a lottery alliance between France, Spain, and the UK. However, it grew to include many more countries. By October of 2004, the list expanded to include quite a few heavy hitters: Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland all joined the lottery group.

The drawings are held twice a week in Paris, and the tickets are pretty cheap to play. Unlike lotteries in the United States, Euromillions allows you to keep your winnings tax-free, and you get the money as a lump sum payment. This means that if you haven’t set aside any big dreams when you hit the lottery, you might want to start writing them down early!


Gameplay for Euromillions is pretty easy: you just have to pick five numbers from 1 through 50. After the player picks those five numbers, they will pick “lucky star numbers”. You get two of these special numbers. Your winnings are based on the number of matches you get, along with those lucky star numbers. In order to be eligible to win, you must reside in a country that participates in Euromillions. The biggest jackpot is only available if you get all five numbers and the two lucky star numbers as well. The odds of winning the highest jackpot are 1 in 116,531,800.

If no one wins the big jackpot, it rolls over to the next draw. But here’s where things get interesting: the jackpot hits a certain cap (currently 185 million euros) and then trickles down to the next prize bracket underneath that. So it gives the second tier underneath a chance to get bigger, which is very interesting. The odds are a little less at that level, with 1 in every 6,473,989 getting the win.

Another interesting angle for the EuroMillions lottery is that all of the money is placed into a trust account. This is designed to be the ultimate in default protection. Even if a country goes bankrupt for a time, the lottery winnings should be protected from this event.

This guide should get you excited about EuroMillions. Although there are smaller lotteries outside the EM system, this is the big lottery that everyone talks about. If you haven’t played it, you should definitely check it out when you can!

Tips to help you improve your lottery winning odds

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery. With that single dollar, a person’s life can completely change. One minute, you’re just a regular guy, and then next minute, you don’t have a care in the world. But what are the games that give you the best lotto odds? Below are some games to play that give you the best chance of hitting it big.

The games with the two biggest jackpots are Powerball and Mega Millions. While the chances of winning these games are small, they offer truly life-changing jackpots. Of these two, the game with the best lottery chances is Powerball. The odds are not much better: 1 in 175,233,510 vs. 1 in 175,711,536 for Mega Millions. While the odds of winning the lotto are small, even the remote possibility of winning keeps people playing, even those games thay don’t have the best lotto odds. The Powerball does cost $2 to play now but its jackpots are often the bigger of the two.

For those who want better odds, albeit for a smaller payoff, try playing a state lotto. The odds of winning the lotto vary from state to state but if a state lottery has you pick 6 numbers out of 44 that equates to odds of 1 in 3,529,526. This game gives the player the best lottery chances to win millions, even though it is often considerably less than the Powerball or Mega Millions. Some states also offer a daily game where a player picks five numbers out of a smaller pool. For a game where a player picks five numbers out of 39, for example, the odds of winning are 1 in 575,757.

For those aiming a bit smaller and slightly more realistic, many states offer a Pick 3 and a Pick 4. The odds of these games depend on how a person wants to play them. The highest odds with the highest jackpot is to play the numbers straight. This means a player has one chance to win. If a person plays 564 for example, the numbers must be exactly 564. If they do, they win. In many states, the payout for a $1 straight ticket in the Pick 3 is $600, while the Pick 4 pays $6,000. A player, however, can choose to box these numbers, which means the numbers can hit in any order. This offers the best lottery odds, but the payout is smaller. It can range from $100 to $200 on the Pick 3, depending on the numbers chosen, and range from $125 to $1,500, depending on the numbers for the Pick 4.

Keno is another popular game and the player can win varying amounts depending on how many numbers they play. This game is drawn throughout the day in most states. If you are going to play this game, go with the 4 spot. It offers the best odds of winning at least $1 at 1 in 3.97. While the prize for hitting 4 out of 4 is often not very big, it is the most realistic of all the choices. If a person wants to balance prize size with odds, go with a 7 spot. The top prize for that is often around $5,000 depending on the state and the odds of winning at least $1 is 1 in 4.23.

These are some pretty good pointers that should help you to spend your lottery dollars more wisely. Remember, it makes far more sense to play the lottery games with the best odds rather than the big jackpot games with ridiculously poor jackpot winning odds.

The world of tombola, lotto and bingo

The phase of tombola success doesn’t run deep in the records. Whenever we are discussing about the beginning of bingo game we must say that in America bingo showed up originally in Georgia where it had been the best play at different gatherings. That was furthermore the state in which the exclamation “bingo!” appeared for the very first time. But most of researchers claim that Italy was a home of bingo, as there were reliable information concerning this game in the records of the fifteenth century. Since broadcast, TV or computers weren’t created, Italian people, that could not consider their lifestyle lacking entertainment, enjoyed free bingo during their free time or during the weekends with their buddies and relatives.

There are numerous lotto admirers anywhere who love this game because it is simple and interesting. It’s a sociable entertainment. There are lots of those who really like lotto because they have the great opportunity to talk with buddies and get enjoyment from the process of playing. A lot of tombola players say that to win in bingo you must be a fortunate person. But there are a big number of gamblers that wish to understand some strategies of the game. The undermentioned material will allow you to realize them and to learn some important points of the game.

Considering the development of the Cyberspace, the game of lotto has been easy accessible and it gave the opportunity to a lot of tombola gamblers to enjoy this game every time. Numerous casinos offer to save free bingo games into your laptop and every time you intend to start a game it should instantly connect the net. The other variant can be playing directly from the site. It is easy to play tombola online, however, you’ll discover several points every player should learn to keep away from cheating or swindling. There are plenty of gambling sites on the Web and a lot of them will be pretty uncertain. You’ll find certain things that can help you in recognizing a roguish web site, first of them is a poor look and the lack of details about protection regulations. The remarkable attributes of most dishonest sites happen to be their guarantees of large bonuses or winnings. In the variety of online casinos you can discover certain variations in the method or even in rules. That is why it’s suggested to read a tutorial of a selected site before beginning the game.

Often you face certain factors that you need to decide on yourself, one of them can be a room where you tend to gamble. Many internet casinos offer a few free bingo rooms with various quantity of players. When you desire to rise chances you should select bingo rooms with a smaller quantity of gamers. Nevertheless, normally some rooms with a limited quantity of gamblers do not promise enormous winnings. If you are a newbie it is better to risk smaller sums and choose the game and set smaller stakes. However, you may find numerous websites which present online free bingo games, they’re pretty preferred amongst the learners since they present them an opportunity not to risk budget and to get knowledge. The next suggestion to increase chances will be to get additional playing cards.

When you want to calm down or to get entertained after a stressful day, you need to turn on your PC and come on free bingo websites or a downloaded game and start playing in a comfy atmosphere. Playing free bingo for money allows you to receive bonuses and winnings also when you do not risk your moolah. Play free bingo and have an advantageous opportunity to improve playing skills and prepare for a serious game with wonderful prospects.