Do You dare to go VIP – Here’s the Inside Angle

We’ve been getting our friends to try the world of mobile slot games, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly supportive. Then a new friend came in and said, “Dazzle Me!”, and that meant that we had to come up with something new. Her name is Meg and she made it clear that she is used to being rewarded for her fine taste and good sensibilities.

See, Meg is used to rewards programs in regular time, so we looked around the site and tried to see what we could point her to. Right at the top is the VIP program, and we’re happy to recommend it. If you decide to become a regular, the site is going to recognize you through a great VIPĀ  points program. You can collect bonuses, points, gifts, and the casino’s sincere appreciation. After all, competition is fierce online and every casino knows that they have to “level up” if they want to keep bringing new people to check them out.

We let Meg check the site out, and she was impressed that there were multiple levels to the program. You start out as a Bronze level member, and you can work your way up to being a Diamond level member. Even at the bronze level, you have some things to look forward to. You can convert your points to cash, you can join the VIP rooms, and there’s a monthly newsletter to keep you apprised of certain events.

The benefits top out at the Diamond level, which are just incredible. You have to get over 10,000 points, but if you do…man, this level is just awesome. Meg looked it over and was surprised at how deeply the casino makes you feel special. You get discounts on bets, top notch customer support, a special birthday present, a personal account manager, an anniversary bonus and plenty of other surprise gifts!

Meg seemed satisfied enough to sign up and start playing. Knowing her preferences as much as we do now, it’s no secret that she’s working fast to become a Diamond level member. Why not check it out with her? You never know how fast you can rise up until you sign up!

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