UK National Lottery History

The National Lottery implementation was a Parliamentary decision to raise funds for social causes in areas of charities, sports, arts and heritage. About eleven bodies were selected to be responsible for granting funds for good causes. Northern Ireland, the Heritage Lottery Fund and several other distinguished bodies comprise of this association.

The UK lottery was established way back in 1993 on 21st October by an Act constituted by Parliament. Camelot Group plc was chosen as the operations provider a year later on 25th May. It certainly proved out to be a close bidding. This key decision was taken by the director general of OFLOT. Nov 19th 1994 will be remembered for a very long time as the on-line tickets of National Lottery made huge sales at 10,000 retail outlets – Indeed the world’s largest on-line lottery commencement. National Lottery Instants became the UK’s largest brand as soon as it was launched on 21st March 1995. Government of UK eventually decided on 26th September 1995 to raise approximately 1 billion pounds for good social causes.

UK National Lottery

The first rollover was huge in terms of the money it made which constituted up to 42 million pounds and achieved a sales turnover of 127.8 million pounds. Hard to digest, isn’t it? Online presence was much needed for the campaign to reach out to the mass. 17th March 1996 was the date when it turned into a reality. Randomly generated numbers for the online gaming began and people got excited even further. This helped the sales to grow and reached up to 33 million pounds by 5th February 1997.

Constant growth of wealth prompted Camelot to revise its budget for good causes from 9 billion to 10 billion pounds by September, 2001 which primarily attributed to the National Lottery’s growth in terms of success, popularity and wealth creation. The success story doesn’t end here. About 500 millionaires emerged by Febraury 1998, thanks to the UK lottery gaming.

This helped for the funds to be raised, up to 5 billion pounds, for social causes by April 1998. Success demands enhancement and it soon influenced Camelot as well. They launched the Thunderboll game on 7th June 1999. The idea of launching UK lottery proved to be a winner as it raised money for the government to uplift backward society and give them a reason to smile.

People came forward as well because it gave them enjoyment, wealth as well as satisfaction to contribute towards good causes. The funds kept increasing time to time and it really made a huge difference to the government as it received appreciation from all the corners. This certainly has to go down as one of the most calculated and wise decisions in history of UK. Public scrutiny was that the money could easily be misused. Continue reading “UK National Lottery History”